The Private John Allen Fish Hatchery

With an eloquent plea before Congress, claiming that “fish would swim over land …” to have the privilege of being raised in Tupelo, “Private John Allen”, US Congressman from Lee County secured the National Fish Hatchery for Tupelo. Located on the grounds of the National Fish Hatchery is a lovely Victorian home, the Superintendent’s House (circa 1903). The interior is a quality example of the Arts and Crafts Movement. The Tupelo Garden Club has helped to maintain the home since 1984 when the club, lead by Mrs. Louise Godwin, helped save it from demolition. The club added the gazebo on the grounds of the home in 1998. The gazebo was built with ten oak trees that were cut during the widening of a driveway at Milam School. The trees were originally planted in the 1950’s by the Garden Club to shade the school children. The grounds, which are maintained by the club, include an arboretum, grandmother’s garden, herb garden, rose garden and butterfly bed.

At this time, the Superintendent’s Home at the Private John Allen Fish Hatchery is being renovated by the Fish and Wildlife Service. The Tupelo Garden Club is not renting the home for events at this time. You may stop by during regular business hours and tour the grounds, construction permitting.


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If you would like more information, please visit the U.S. Fish and Wildlife site.